Director's Desk


Mrs. Urvashi Yash Roy
Director of Tuli Group of Instituitions

From the Directors Desk

Being from hospitality background, discipline stands at the forefront in which ever area I work in. I believe in shaping the minds of the students. As educators God has given us the opportunity to mould the soft delicate minds of today’s youth into positive direction. The malleable young mind is a store house of ideas and to allow the youngsters bring forth their creativity is the aim of Tuli Group of Education Institutes.

It is our sincere endeavor to groom the students in a manner that helps them fit in all walks of life We promote healthy competition and enjoy the essence of growing with young blood.

We boast of well placed alumni that are our pride. The group offers courses from K.G to PG. This is not all; I aim to spread my wings to more and more fields of education.

“Excellence in Academic” is our motto and giving the highest level of exposure is a way of achieving it.

The loving and affectionate staff is our strength and the parents who put their faith in us are our motivators. The driving force is so strong that our confidence in building their standards is our aim.

I believe, “we are the shapers of the destiny of many, so we should not falter.”




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