Tuli College of Hotel Management





Tuli College of Hotel Management organized the session on Coffee Making Skills. Workshop on ‘Coffee Making Skills was conducted by Mithilesh Vazalwar founder of Corridor 7(C7)Coffee Roasters and his team. Mr. Mithilesh Vazalwar conducted a coffee-brewing workshop for people aspiring to be good at brewing coffee on their own.  Vazalwar, during the workshop, also demonstrated different coffee brewing methods. Speaking about the launch of his café ‘Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters,’ Mr. Mithilesh  Vazalwar said, “The idea was to focus all our resources on introducing people to specialty coffee. It’s the only roastery café in the city as well as in Central India.”
The highlight during session was ‘coffee brewing process’ was introduced to the students present. Much like the taste of the coffee. The workshop fascinated students greatly and hence they welcomed the concept of celebrating coffee in a unique way in the city.